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BREATH System Online Program

This 6 week virtual plan of action for your health is to bring you more peace by outlining what to do when your health doesn't go your way. It will include 6 weeks of step-by-step instructions and 6 group webinars for following Dr. Weaver's "Breath System" including diet and lifestyle changes with daily email support. These  6  group webinars with Dr. Weaver, Adora Zachary (wellness coach), and Ann Berryman (master herbalist) will cover how to take care of your nervous system, how to relax your brain and body, which essential oils, supplements, and herbs are best to take, how food can effect our immune system, what diagnostic tests your doctor should do to find answers, and lastly how can your body heal from dis-ease. ,You will also get as bonus material a posture enhancing exercise band, best sleeping pillow for neck support, breathe essential oil roller bottle, 9 day soft tissue support pack, fiber plus capsules, exclusive "Cooking Wise" cookbook, natural D-Hist supplement, lymphatic skin brush, Grace and Gratitude CD by Olivia Newton John, healing journal, and an International best selling book "Learning How to Breathe" by Dr. Corinne Weaver, DC.